Origin of its name

T he imposing Almásy Mansion's main building in Gyula has an L shaped small mansion-wing connected to it, currently known as Stephanie-wing. Its renovation was finished in 2019-2020, in the spirit of staying loyal to its age and origin, and is equipped with a delicatessen, a cooking school, and an elegant event library. It was named after the wife of Count Joseph Wenckheim's wife, Stephanie Jankovich, former occupants of the mansion.

Stephanie Jankovich came from a Croatian-Hungarian noble family. In 1838, she became the second wife of Joseph Wenckheim. Besides charity, she founded the Women's Association of Gyula, also being its first "president". With the motto "Helping the people in need, ignoring religious and social differences", she mostly donated anonymously for the sick, and took care of those without money and homes. She was also looking after the military officers arriving in Gyula during 1849. The countess and his husband also hosted Emperor-King Franz Joseph and his wife, Elizabeth on the 25th of May in 1857.

In the time of countess Stephanie and his husband, numerous artists came to visit the mansion. The countess organized a concert for collecting donations to the hospital, where Ferenc Erkel himself made an appearance. In 1861, Elek Szamossy came to the residency, mainly for restoring the portraits of the Wenckheim family. It was here where he met his to-be student, Mihály Munkácsy. Later on, Munkácsy acquired worldwide fame, and said that the time spent in the mansion was a decisive part of his life. After the death of her husband, the countess lived in the mansion until 1878. The buildings's pink-green-purple interior colors supposedly reflect her taste and style. We date the "Almásy-era" of the mansion from her stepdaughter's, Stephanie Marie Wenckheim's marriage with count Kálmán Almásy.


1. Ballroom and event library

The Almásy Mansion Visitor Center's ballroom awaits the guests with state of art equipment, and a peaceful, but also elegant vibe. Can be rented for family occasions, and all kinds of other events. The room can host up to 160 people in case of table-sittings. For organizing conferences and meetings, it allows for 180 people. The environment of the baroque castle, the spectacular park, and the elegant furnishing makes up for a special experience to anyone attending.

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We recommend our event library for the following events:

  • Conferences,
  • Family occasions,
  • Weddings,
  • Corporate events,
  • Balls,
  • School reunions,
  • Friendly meetings,
  • Trainings.

With preliminary arrangements, we can provide hospitality fit for the mood and age of the mansion, let that be local specialties or foods from the period, paired with special cultural programs (baroque music, dance show, unusual gastronomic/history lessons). The waiters/waitresses serving the food are dressed in clothes loyal to the mansion's 19th century period. The price is adjusted based on the programs and the food. Made with a custom bid.

We provide an exclusive, and romantic location for every young couple, who want to say the "I do" in a real mansion. The ballroom has special crystal chandeliers, which can give different lighting on one of the most important nights in life, thanks to 21st century technology. Furthermore, we have two large mirrors, two window blinds (which can be controlled remotely), projection screen, and unique sound technology for background music. The french, herringbone patterned oak tree floor creates a real noble milieue.

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What can we offer after the "I do"?

  • An exclusive ballrom with special illumination.
  • Heating kitchen for preparing the feast.
  • Historically accurate clothing for the waiters.
  • Dressing room for the newly-weds.
  • Babysitting with skilled staff members.
  • Photo shooting opportunities in the mansion.
  • A chapel where the ceremony can be held.
  • Free parking space 300 meters away for 80 cars.

2. Delicatessen

In the delicatessen, you can get to know and buy signature food, and other gastronomical specialties representing the world of taste of Gyula and its surrounding lands (sausage, brandy, beer, honey, syrup). The food presented in the tasting room, and the ones made in the kitchen will be available for trying, but we also serve people here who made reservations prior. The products you tried here can be bought as well. You can take a look on the menu here.

What is a delicatessen?


3. Open kitchen

A special authentical kitchen (furnace, rotating grill, cookstove) shows the the kitchen techniques and procedures of the period, while you can make your own food based on those. The food made together can be eaten with plates and cutlery representing the mood of the period. You can also experience the preparation process for a noble feast, set the table appropriately, and even try some of the specialties the nobles ate in the 17-19th centuries.

Snacks of Gyula in the Stephanie-wing

Want to try a famous "hungarikum", the Gyula sausage, or other snacks made from local goods? You have come to the right place! What we offer:
-Fried sausage with homemade sourness and sourdough loaf.
-Gyula paired sausages and other Gyula snacks from the Gyulahús Kft.
-Homemade Gyula cheese plate.
-Homemade Gyula cakes.
We also serve homemade Gyula syrup, artisan beers, and Gyula brandy with the food. We recommend these custom-compiled snacks to individuals, corporations and communities.



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