Permanent Exhibition

T he historically insignificant lives of domestic staff has always been mysterious, however, the Almasy Mansion exposes these secrets. On top of the colourful lives of the once inhabiting aristocrats, the everyday existence of their serving staff is also showcased.

With the help of 21st century interactive technology, the exhibition offers the experience of discovery to the visitor by showing who stoked the stoves, how many litres of water were consumed in a day, who laundered the undergarments of the countess, what was the daily schedule of the domestic staff like, what were their responsibilities, as well as where and how they lived while making the lives of the aristocratic family comfortable invisibly and unnoticed.

Since the lives of aristocrats did not solely revolve around soirees and social events, the exhibition tells their story through their everyday objects along with their written and unwritten codes of conduct. The exhibition also showcases the foods and eating habits of the period, the daily routines of the landowners, fashion trends, the functions of certain areas in the mansion, the heating and lighting technologies of the periods and many other interesting themes.

The mansion is surrounded by a magnificent park, where one can take a rest in the shades of sycamore, oak and rowan trees. Rural, small town tranquility surrounds the past, offering a real intellectual recreation to the visitor.