View from the lookout

I n the great fire of 1801, the mansion also burned down. To help with the plans of rebuilding the mansion and town, the Wenckheim family hired architect Antal Czigler to Gyula, who wanted to restore the residence to its former glory in 1766. Across from the Turkish Tower, he had erected a water tower. The architectural facade of both towers was the result of early romantic historicism. The towers were reconverted into gothic style on which lancet windows and other gothic decorations could be seen. Just after the nationalization of the mansion in the 1950s, the water tower was demolished. Later in 1985 it was rebuilt into its original form but this time from concrete, the main building material of the era.

From the 13.5 m height of the lookout tower, a beautiful panorama of the island fortress encompassing the current day brick fortress, the mansion and the castle gardens opens up to the visitor.

We leave our guests to count how many stairs lead up to the lookout tower.