Free, guaranteed guided tours

For individual visitors only, not for groups:

10.30, 11.30, 14.30

Valid guided tour fees

In addition to the guaranteed guided tours, guided tour fees apply for individual visitors requesting a guided tour and for groups
(including pre-registered communities):

Multimedia Guide (700 HUF/tablet)

Explore our unique exhibition on your own! With our multimedia tour guide, the Count, Countess, butler and housekeeper will guide you through the castle. The tablet you receive not only helps you to get to know the castle through the voices of the four inhabitants of the building, but also provides you with even more information beyond the content of the rooms, with pictures not shown in the exhibition.


Registered groups are kindly requested to arrive at the pre-arranged time! Due to the large number of visitors, guided tours can only be held at the start and end times fixed in advance. If a group is late, the duration of the guided tour may be shortened, depending on whether there are visitors registered for a later time.

The guided tour fee must also be paid by those who can claim a discount on their ticket.