Museum and Souvenir Shop

T ake home your experiences from the exhibition in a materialized form also! You can call upon the gift shop’s large offerings so that you can give a broader picture about the unique exhibition experiences found at the Almasy Mansion.

On top of local (from Békés County)artisanal products and gift items with the mansion’s logo, one can find many interesting objects from the exhibition in the mansion’s gift shop.

Event Venues

Y ou don’t just find out more about the dwellings of aristocrats, you can also find stylish venues for your family and corporate events. Parts of the mansion such as the chapel, breakfast terrace and café, offer a unique environment.

Enquire about our fees in writing at or you can call the visitor center’s phone line at + 36 (66) 650-218

The Mansion Café

T he highest quality, the best service-just the way a visitor expects it at a mansion. In our café, you can feel like a count or a countess. The services of the café can be obtained by all, not just those who visit the exhibitions. With its separate entrance and opening hours, it welcomes everybody who wants to recharge with the help of artisanal beer, home-made syrups, specialty coffees and high quality pastries.

Dog Kennel

T ravelling with a pet? We have good news for you!

Although the mansion does not allow four-legged guests, we provide a kennel for small- and medium sized dogs.

The kennel is always equipped with fresh water, and is sanitized regularly. The kennel can be used for a maximum of 2 hours for 1500 forints. Please voice your demand for it at the ticket office!

We also recommend our dog boarding house, so that you can leave your dogs in comfort and safety, while you enjoy your time at us.